Geologic Sampling - Detailed descriptions, log displays and petrography are available, as are a full range of testing and custom delivery options.

  • Core – We can oversee core collection, provide detailed geologic descriptions and photographs, and oversee preservation and shipping.
  • Drill Cuttings – Casalogic collects standard petrographic data including florescence, detailed geologic descriptions and can arrange for additional laboratory analyses.
  • Soils – We log horizons, provide descriptions, grain size information, and can also arrange for percolation testing and laboratory analyses.


Water Sampling/Monitoring and Well Installation Support - ​We provide sampling assistance, monitoring technology and installation support.

  • Water Sampling – We create sampling plans, coordinate sampling events and provide professional data reporting. Casalogic can work with a wide range of respected labs to handle even complex sampling needs.
  • Monitoring Services - Casalogic provides monitoring solutions using the latest technologies to capture temperature, conductivity, pH, and water level changes.   All data interpretation and presentations are provided in a report format.
  • Well Installation Coordination – Let us coordinate, permit and implement your drilling plan.  We work with drillers, inspectors and contractors to get your project done right. 


Geologic Modeling/Data Analysis/Facies Analysis - Casalogic supports EOR and other reservoir enhancement projects.  We use RockWorks®, LogPlot®, Petra®, GIS and Canvas to provide high quality diagrams and figures for our clients.  Casalogic also works closely with several Registered Petroleum Engineers; software depending, Casalogic is prepared to address a wide variety of petrophysical and reservoir engineering concerns.   

  • Boring Logs and Well Completion Diagrams – We use LogPlot to display logged geology, geophysics, water levels, well construction and other sampling information.
  • Geologic Data Analysis and Visualization – We use RockWorks to create cross-section and 3D views of borehole data, visualize plumes/ore bodies and estimate volumes
  • Figure Generation - Need a figure generated from data?  Well Locations, OOIP maps, Cross Sections, Log Analysis, Normalization Review, GIS and CAD diagrams available as well.



Casalogic Geological Services

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